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Dublin, 01st December 2020

 COVID-19 has caused a significant impact in the on-boarding of our second cohort of fellows. We carefully followed the Irish government advise and the procedures set in place by the host institutions affiliated to the ADAPT Centre to ensure safety for our fellows and the community.

Today marks the beginning of 2 more fellows from the second cohort in our programme, check out a short description of their projects.

Dr. Alcardo Alex Barakabitze, ranked 4th in our second call with the project “5GMOVIE – Management of Future Multimedia Services over Virtualized and Softwarized” under the supervision of Assist. Prof. Ray Walshe (School of Computing – DCU). The project addresses the Quality of Experience(QoE) – related open issues and challenges in 5G networks. It proposes an innovative softwarized and virtualized 5G ecosystem that will efficiently support QoE personalised service provisioning and management for emerging multimedia applications. Full profile here.

Dr. Bruno Gabriel Andrade, ranked 5th with his project: “Prediction of host phenotypic outcomes with Machine learning” and supervised by Dr. Haithem Afli (School of Computer Science – MTU). His project aims to reduce the environmental impact and costs for meat production and maintain the feeding standards of an ever-growing human population by exploring the faecal microbiome of 313 Angus Calves and to identify the relation between microbiome features and host’s phenotypic outcomes, like growth and health status. Full profile here.

We have two more fellows to join the programme and we are working to bring them to Ireland safely by January 2021.

The ELITE-S Fellowship Programme is co-funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Grant Agreement No. 801522