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Dublin, September 11th 2020

Dr. Tijana Milosevic, recently appointed as an ELITE-S fellow in call 2, discusses Kids digital lives, cyberbullying and Covid-19. Prior to the ELITE appointment, Dr Milosevic had been studying the topic in partnership with the Anti-Bullying Centre (ABC) in DCU since July 2019, and the results in this study informed her ELITE-S proposal entitled OSAIBI (Open Standards for AI-based Bullying Interventions). Read the report here

As part of her work at ABC, Tijana is working on several projects that look into children’s digital media use and their wellbeing. The Covid study is part of a larger project coordinated by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre called Kids’ Digital Lives in Covid Times (KiDiCoTi). The project involves a survey with 11-18 year-old children and one of their parents in a number of European countries including Ireland, and it inquires into families’ digital media use during the lockdown. Have children experienced more or less online risks during the lockdown—such as cyberbullying, sexting, grooming, exposure to harmful online content online etc.; and how have they used technology in positive ways—for school and informal learning, socialising, leisure etc. To what extent has technology use contributed to increased stress levels in the family; and to what extent has it contributed to family wellbeing. These are some of the topics the group covered in its research.

As part of her role at ABC, Tijana is also engaging in the analysis of the data based on the EU Kids Online project, where she is specifically looking into digital media use and children’s self-reported life satisfaction, as well as privacy concerns. She is also producing a module on social media and youth wellbeing to be taught at the Institute of Education at DCU as of Spring 2021. She is a managing editor of the International Journal of Bullying Prevention where she is also editing the special issue on the use of Artificial Intelligence in addressing cyberbullying on online platforms. Finally, Tijana is also the  PI on a Facebook funded project which seeks to gather children’s feedback on a natural language processing tool designed to address cyberbullying, in partnership with ADAPT.

This previous collaboration with the ABC will continue under the ELITE-S programme and we are excited to see the new research findings and collaboration opportunities that will come from this partnership.

The ELITE-S Fellowship Programme is co-funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Grant Agreement No. 801522