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Beyza Yaman

Dublin City University

ELITE-S is a prestigious programme providing researchers outstanding opportunities to develop and carry out their own research on the way of becoming the next generation ICT researchers.

I applied to this program because it provides a balanced industry and academic collaboration which allows the researcher to improve academically as well as careerwise. The programme supports fellows to advance their international networking with excellent researchers and develop their skills with training under the supervision of experienced principal investigators. Therefore, with the help of this program, I would like to improve myself as an independent researcher and extend my network with world-leading research institutions.

Project Summary: “LinkedDataOps” – Linked Data Operations Based on a Quality Process Cycle Inspired by DevOps – LinkedDataOps project aims at tackling the problem of defining and developing standard quality assessment and FAIR metrics for geo-spatial data during the full data quality process cycle. Quality of the data is particularly important because it has a priority in the European Union in addition to the national level, thus, providing standardized solutions for this matter has a high significance for the data communities. Thus, organizations prioritize increasing the value of data as well as the reputation of the organization. In particular, geo-spatial data suffers from quality drawbacks and these can cause major problems in real life, e.g., in 2017 the Irish coast guard helicopter crash.

Therefore, LinkedDataOps proposes an overall approach to meet the dynamic quality needs of the data scratch from the mappings, conversion, and creation gradually to the consumption of the data by discovering root causes to improve the quality iteratively for the usage.

A framework will be developed and used as a platform to assess the quality and FAIR principles of Geo-Linked Data supporting the full quality cycle of the data. The developed framework will be used by Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) and it will be validated by their collaboration.

The tool will allow them to increase organizational efficiency and productivity besides facilitating data governance.

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