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Damien Graux

Trinity College Dublin

Since 2016, I have been a postdoctoral researcher specialised in Semantic Web technologies and Big Data management. After my PhD in France, I joined Fraunhofer and the University of Bonn in Germany until September 2019 when I moved overseas to establish myself in Dublin, entering Professor O’Sullivan’s group at Trinity College and the ADAPT Centre.

For more than seven years, under the supervision of several mentors, I have been exploring the landscape of heterogeneous data on the Web; and I contributed to international efforts and initiatives through various industrial and European projects.

Joining the ELITE-S programme offers me the opportunity to advance my research project as ELITE-S provides fellows with a balanced environment between industries and Academia. Such a mix gives the necessary context to experiment through short feedback loops and to design standards and guidelines directly with the experts who would be in charge of applying them.

In particular, with the ELITE-S programme, my project is to design efficient and responsible heterogeneous data pipelines for the Web.

Project Summary:

RecoWeb (Responsible Ecosystem for the Web of Data) – Toward efficient and responsible heterogeneous data pipelines for the Web

Nowadays, the number of openly available datasets available online is large enough to allow the design of complex applications leveraging them to extract value. Such applications can be developed either by citizens and governments or directly by industries which can combine these free datasets with their own data. However, considering that certain private actors often possess billions of personal statements directly obtained from their users, it is of paramount importance to help a citizen to know how their data is being used and by whom. In such a context, RecoWeb aims at designing novel methods to allow the previously mentioned data combinations while providing a guarantee to the citizens that their personal data will be used responsibly and according to their will. The demonstrators and experiences developed during RecoWeb will be used to contribute into W3C working groups that are expected to emerge during the lifetime of RecoWeb, driven by communities already undertaking research into the “Decent Web”. The aim of these working groups being to forge new W3C standards in the area. RecoWeb will thus pave the way of a decentralised Web where citizens and private actors are involved together to build responsible applications.

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