Mansoor Ahmed

Maynooth University

Dr. Mansoor Ahmed did his M. Sc in Information Management from Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), Austria. He was awarded Higher Education Commission (HEC) scholarship for higher studies (PhD) in Austria. In 2009, he completed his PhD degree from Technical University Vienna, Austria.

In 2010-2011 he was awarded a Senior researcher fellowship scholarship by Indiana University, USA for his postdoctoral studies. During this period, he worked in Web Science Lab (WSL) on the VIVO project which aimed at discovery tool that enables collaboration among scientists across all disciplines.  In 2017, he worked as a Senior researcher at University College Dublin (UCD). During this period, he conducted research on developing an effective model to detect digital fraud for the sustainable development of banks and financial institutions.

His research interest includes Data Provenance, Blockchain, Semantic Web technologies, Knowledge-based systems, Privacy issues in Health care data, Cloud Computing Security, Information Security, and Privacy.

Joining the ELITE-S program offers me the opportunity to excel in my career as a researcher in ICT as well as a platform to gain international recognition and develop new ICT products and drive innovation and standards.

ELITE-S program will provide research trainings which will help developing expertise to obtain funding, understand research methodologies, managing project and entrepreneur skills. Career development activities will support the fellow to set career paths and preparing them for future career trajectory.

The industrial collaboration during the secondment period will provide the fellow with an opportunity for entrepreneurship and exposure to commercial research. The results of the proposed research will also be exploited in an industry setting which will enable real-world evaluations of the project results by modeling or incorporating them in the secondment phase.

The program will provide an opportunity to work with the experts of standards developing organizations e.g., ISO, NSAI OGC etc. and eventually contributing to standards.

Project Summary

Semantic Blockchain: Providing Provenance for GDPR Compliance

This project will produce a solution that will allow data owners throughout EU to have an immutable chain of compliance data for the health informatics domain.

Consensual information about the data, which a data owner gives to a data controller holds extreme importance in the case of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). After the application of GDPR, a data controller is bound to record explicit consent from a data owner about the storage and processing of his personal information. Storing this information has its own challenges i.e., proving to the authorities that the data recorded is true and has not changed in a malicious way.

It is also essential to make sure that the final form of data does not cover up any discrepancies that may have happened at the data controller’s or data processor’s end. Confirming the execution of agreed-upon processes is also a challenging task. Since blockchain has a limited expressive power, and a compliance system requires not only reliability but also some formalization which semantic web can provide.

So, in this proposal, we present a novel system that will ensure the provenance of data with the help of blockchain and semantic web technologies. The data recorded through our system will be immutable and will ensure complete traceability.