Dr. Haithem Afli
Dr. Haithem Afli
Cork Institute of Technology

Tech and app areas:

  • Digital Health
  • FinTech
  • Machine learning

Brief bio/overview of research:

Dr. Haithem Afli is lecturing Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML) and Programming for Data Analytics at Cork Institute of Technology (CIT).

His research interests are primarily in the areas of Machine Learning, Sentiment Analysis, Natural Language Processing and Machine Translation.

He is motivated by the way humans deal with information transmitted in different modalities – texts, images and videos.

As an academic researcher, he is keen to commercialize his research with industry partnerships and he is actively involved in managing academia-industry partnership projects.

Dr. Afli is leading the expansion of ADAPT Centre in Cork Institute of Technology where he is heading the SIGMA research group.

The SIGMA group is at the research forefront of the use of artificial intelligence, natural language processing and machine learning in the healthcare, life-science, digital humanity and fintech domains. Our researchers are involved in wide ranging fields of studies that include the design of quality of service and experience for emergency medical services in next generation cellular networks, social media analysis, machine translation and information extraction, through to deep learning algorithms. We focus on how these tools can be easily transferred to the workplace.

Opportunities exist to collaborate with other researchers throughout Europe, and becoming a part of our European funded project partner programs.

Working with SIGMA group puts our researchers at the cutting edge of the technology curve. Over the years our graduates have found employment in a wide range of sectors. Our hands-on project driven approach allows our Postdoctoral, PhD and MSc students to involve themselves in solving real-world problems that further enhances their learning experience by knowing that through their work positive changes can be made.

Below are examples of projects Dr Afli currently involved in:

–          Improving Automatic Video and Text caption generation (PhD in CIT funded by CIT)

–          User Generated content Machine Translation. ( PhD in DCU funded by ADAPT)

–          Building a Digital Healthcare Ecosystem (PhD in CIT funded by SFI CRT ADVANCE)

–          The Associations of Nelore microbiome with host metadata using Machine Learning and Convolutional networks (PostDoc in CIT funded by BEPE-PD In Brazil)

–          Machine learning vision recognition for connected health application (PhD in CIT funded via the H2020 SliceNet project )

–          A cloud computing microservices architecture for eHealth application (PhD in CIT funded via the H2020 SliceNet and STOP obesity projects)

–          End to end digitization platform for post-trade services (PhD in CIT funded by ClearStream via the SFI CRT ADVANCE programme)