John Kelleher
John Kelleher
Technological University Dublin

Tech and app areas:

  • Machine Learning, 
  • Digital Health, 
  • FinTech, 
  • Smart Cities, 
  • Content Analytics and Preservation


I am the Academic Leader of the Information, Communication and Entertainment (ICE) research institute at Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin). I am also the ADAPT lead at TU Dublin and I lead ‘Understanding Global Content’ Theme A in the ADAPT Centre. The core of my research is at the intersection of machine learning and natural language processing. I have published a number of books on machine learning, including: Deep Learning (; Data Science (; and Fundamentals of Machine Learning for Predictive Data Analytics ( The commonality across all of the projects I work with is that they adopt a machine learning methodology; however, this data driven perspective on problems is applicable across a range of domains and so within my research lab researchers work on a diverse range of topics, from language processing and image captioning to precision medicine.

I am currently interested in projects in :

Modelling Long-Distance Dependencies in Sequential Data Using Neural Language Models
Novelty Detection in High Volume Data Streams
Machine Learning for Clinical Decision Support for Stroke
Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing
Dialog State Tracking using Deep Learning
Image Captioning Systems
Machine Translation