Pierpaolo Dondio
Pierpaolo Dondio
Technological University Dublin

Tech and app areas:

  • Trust
  • Machine Learning
  • FinTech
  • Digital Health
  • Content Analytics and Preservation


I am a multidisciplinary researcher with core research interest in the crossing of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Intelligent systems.

My key interest is the representation and management of imperfect and uncertain Knowledge, including probabilistic reasoning, fuzzy logic and argumentation theory. The key challenges is the unification of symbolic non-monotonic reasoning models and quantitative approaches to uncertainty management, such as Probability calculus and Fuzzy Logic. The unification will support next-generation of Intelligent Agents and Machine Learning algorithm able to explain, argue and justify their decision. Application of my basic research are in the field of explainable AI and computational persuasion systems. Regarding my applied research,  I am an active researcher in Digital Humanities, Computational Social Science, Fintech, AI & Education.

Pierpaolo is interested in projects in : Machine Learning, Explainable AI, Intelligent Agents and Digital Health and Education.