Rob Brennan
Rob Brennan
Dublin City University

Technology and application areas

  • Semantic Web
  • Data Governance
  • Data Quality and Master Data
  • Open and Big Data


I work on semantic models and methods for data governance and data management. This means using the W3C’s semantic web standards to build Linked Data systems capable of dealing with web-scale data in a machine-processible way (self-describing distributed data structures). Hence this means making meta-data, licensing, policies explicit as well as the domain-specific data model for a specific application or use case. It can often mean that modelling and publishing the data in ways that are easy to share, interlink and reuse become more of a focus than the data analytics themselves. However, a semantic approach also supports inference and querying.

My speciality is exploring ways to quantitatively measure the value of data to a business or organisation. This work builds upon my previous work on data quality measurement and assurance and it is an area that I am still pursuing in the ADAPT Centre data governance core research theme.

I am a co-Principal Investigator of the ADAPT-Ordnance Survey Ireland project developing the national Geo-spatial Linked Data infrastructure. This is an open, standards-based data initiative publishing 5-star open data.