Samuel Cromie
Samuel Cromie
Trinity College Dublin

Tech and app areas:


  • Digital Health
  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Transport



I am Director of the Centre for Innovative Human Systems – – which is a multidisciplinary team of highly experienced and dedicated researchers focussed on the real challenges faced by diverse sectors, to produce solutions that put people front and centre. I have over 25 years’ experience of action research in healthcare, aviation, surface transport, pharmaceutical, process, manufacturing and maritime sectors.

A key focus of my research is harnessing technology to enhance rather than diminish the role of people in systems. Key to this is user-centred design and whole system analysis. Rather than limited focus on the individual-technology interaction we need to understand how understand how technology will influence the task/work process, team context, organisational dynamics and how it influences the overall goals of the system. Increasingly those system goals are defined in more complex terms, encompassing sustainability, inclusiveness and psychosocial wellbeing as well as efficiency, safety and performance.

I am particularly interested in: Driver sensing and adaptive automation; Interaction of semi-autonomous vehicles with vulnerable road users; Disruptive digital health technologies – those that increase service user engagement, knowledge and proactive control over their own data and health planning; Intelligent transport systems to inform, motivate and nudge transport users towards more sustainable choices.